Is The Solar Maximum Going to Influence The Summer Holiday Industry In Bulgaria in 2011?

After several years between 2005 and 2009 of relative calmness, our closest star is once again beginning to increase its activity. The number of sun spots is increasing. There were several solar activity events in the beginning of 2011, some with an intensity over X on the NOAA’s  SWPC magnitude scale. It is now clear that the Sun is entering a solar maximum period. So what is in common between the solar maximum and the summer holidays? The common point is your skin.

During the summer it is hot, your skin is willingly or unwillingly, directly exposed to the rays of the Sun. After all, one of the objectives to go to a sea holiday is getting a nice chocolate complexion which you can show off to your friends. The more active is the sun, the stronger is the intensity of the UV and X-rays which come to the Earth. The stronger in the ray intensity, the greater is the risk of skin burn and skin cancer.

How much greater? I don’t know – I haven’t checked. The average person not only has not checked, he/she doesn’t care too.

Therefore the summer holiday industry in Bulgaria will not be influenced by the Solar Maximum.

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