New regulations for hotels which host all-inclusive holidays proposed

A new regulation has been proposed by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, which will forbid  the hosting of all-inclusive holidays by hotels having less than 4 stars. The argument of the agency is that the hotels with less than 4 stars do not have enough capacity in their restaurants for their visitors to get and eat their meals without queuing.

All-inlusive food

What are you going to think if you are served food like this in your hotel?
Don’t worry. This is also all inclusive food, but it is diet food served in a Bulgarian hospital.

Some all inclusive operators opposed to the idea saying that there are hotels from the past, built by the old regulations, having 2 ar 3 stars, which have some small deficiencies which do not allow them to get 4 stars, but they still have big enough restaurants.

The Food Safety Agency is subordinated to the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, although the tourism is a prerogative of the Ministry of Economics, Industry and Tourism. There were some indications there is some disagreement with the idea of the Food Safety Agency in both ministries.

It is also unclear what will happen with the reservations for all inclusive holidays in 2 and 3-star hotels if the idea of the Food Safety Agency comes into effect.

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Food In All Inclusive Hotels In Bulgaria Under Scrutiny

A dish served in Zheravna.

A dish served in Zheravna.

The Food Agency from the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Foods will initiate massive campaign to check the quality of the food offered in the all inclusive hotels on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The campaign will start on 10th of June 2011. In it the agency will be checking the allegation that some of the food is with passed expiration date. The conditions under which the food is stored and served will also be checked.
If the inspectors from the agency find violations of the norms for food storage or preparation, it will impose fines on the hotels. It is even possible that the agency will seal some kitchens if the violations are extensive.

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Albena Invested In Food Control Lab

According to the web site of Albena JSCo, the company which runs the Albena resort and a major Bulgarian all inclusive vacations provider, they established a food control laboratory. The laboratory will test the quality of the food acquired for the resort. It will start to function in the mid 2011. Here is the original information

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