BG is for Bulgaria

Have you come upon an interesting web site about a hotel or a vacation village which has that strange sounding bg in its name? It is for Bulgaria. Here’s the story:

In the early days of the Internet in Bulgaria the access of the dot BG Internet names was not easy. It was expensive too. And still it is. It is a bit tricky to defend a hold of such name if you just decide to register it. You must provide an evidence that you have a company with that name, you have organized an event with that name, you have published a book with that name and have an ISBN etc. Some companies even register themselves with dot BG suffix as their official name just to have the right to have a domain name. It is still as three times more expensive than having a dot com domain for example. So what do you think was the reaction of the people to the absurd situation?

The Bulgarians started to register domain names in the dot com, dot net and dot org top level domains with prefix bg or bg-, or with suffix¬† bg or -bg. It’s just a tag which says the web site is Bulgarian and that the owner of the site doesn’t want to deal with all the complicated and expensive procedure of registering and maintaining a Bulgarian domain name. It seems the search engines honor this spelling.

Therefore knowing all of that if you see instead of you will not wander any more what is that strange bg in the name.

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