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Hotel, Restaurant and Shop Owners Protest Against the Situation in Sunny Beach

Many owners of hotels, restaurants and shops, suppliers as well as taxi drivers in Sunny Beach participated in protests against the duplicate costs they have to pay directly or indirectly for services to Sunny Beach PLC, while they pay taxes for the same services to the municipal and state authorities.

In the past the infrastructure of the resort got privatised to Sunny Beach PLC, however it is used to serve hotels, restaurants etc. out of the Sunny Beach PLC ownership. The protesters want the infrastructure to become municipal property. They prepared a list of demands.

According to Sunny Beach PLC, they act according to the Bulgarian law. They also said that by the restrictions imposed on the access to the infrastructure they implement the policy of the state for Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach is one of the Bulgarian best known resorts, where many of the hotels have all-inclusive offers. The tourists are not likely to feel anything from the tension.

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Food In All Inclusive Hotels In Bulgaria Under Scrutiny

A dish served in Zheravna.

A dish served in Zheravna.

The Food Agency from the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Foods will initiate massive campaign to check the quality of the food offered in the all inclusive hotels on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The campaign will start on 10th of June 2011. In it the agency will be checking the allegation that some of the food is with passed expiration date. The conditions under which the food is stored and served will also be checked.
If the inspectors from the agency find violations of the norms for food storage or preparation, it will impose fines on the hotels. It is even possible that the agency will seal some kitchens if the violations are extensive.

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