Balconing? Playful? Think Again

What is balconong? It jumping to a pool or to the sea directly from a hotel room, a balcony or from the stairs. My first thought were that it is a cool idea. Then I came upon an article which said that a man from Poland fell off the fourth  floor a house in Obzor. He eventually died on the scene. Another 17 year-old English boy fell off the 4th floor of his hotel in Sunny Beach and also died.  They had both drunken enough alcohol to become irrelevant to the situation in which they were.

In another article I read an 18 year-old German tourist fell off the 6-th floor of his hotel in Golden Sands resort. The German was alive when taken to the hospital, but with heavy injuries of his chest, head and limbs. Friends of the young man think the person was very drunk, as they were drunk too and they don’t remember how the accident happened.

Did they try balconing? I sought the term balconing in a search engine. I came upon some videos which were interesting. Other videos were a bit worrying. One wrong step and the person who was doing the balconing would fall on the cement floor from 3, 5 or 10 meters height.

Then I came upon the most distressful video I have ever seen. A person tried to throw himself off a railing into the sea which was 10 to 15 meters below. Everything was going nice, but the person hit his head into the cement cement bank. There were some minutes from the hospital. His upper and down jaws were split into 2 and from the gapping hole his tongue was moving. It was disturbing, distressful and disgusting.

I felt sorry that there are such persons who want to play but they do not assess the circumstances and the environment. They cause bitter sorrow to their friends and relatives. There are people who play with cars on the public roads, causing injuries and death not only to their selves, but to the innocent people they encounter. These persons spend a lot of public funds to provide relief for the results of their actions, these persons cause death. Ant they get minimal sentences as the court thinks they had no intent.

How can a person have a license to drive a car, and to have no intent of killing anybody when doing dangerous driving? Does the human life have less value because somebody wanted to play with it?

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